Nature, Gardens, History

Leo den Dulk publishes and lectures on a wide range of subjects. Besides being an avid gardener he is the owner of Cantua Text & Web consultancy and co-publisher and editor of onzeeigenTUIN, the oldest Dutch garden magazine. He is a former chairman of the Dutch Garden History Society CASCADE and one of the founding members of Perennial Perspectives, a loosely organised international group of garden and landscape professionals and plantsmen, related to the Dutch Wave or New Perennial Movement.

His publications include articles, mostly in Dutch but also in English and German, about subjects in the field of nature and horticulture, garden and landscape architecture and its history – including the life and works of garden architect Mien Ruys (1904-1999) – , horticulture and its history, garden plants from past and present and animal life in and around the gardens. Other fields of interest about which he has written are the history of medical tattooing, the cultural history of the Muslim world, and nature printing, including the Japanese art of gyotaku.

Cantua has organised and contributed to a number of exhibitions. They include ‘Henk Gerritsen, Piet Oudolf and the inspiration of the Dutch Wave‘ at the Garden Museum, London 2010; ‘Dutch Wave‘ at Museum Het Hoogeland, Warffum (NL), 2011; ‘Royal Gardening‘ (2010); ‘Nature printing‘ (2015), ‘Roses of Redouté‘ (2013) and ‘200 shades of green; the botanical art of Franz and Ferdinand Bauer’(2019); in addition, he organised lecture series about Redouté and the Bauer brothers, all at Teylers Museum, Haarlem. He contributed to the exhibition about Mien Ruys at ABC Architecture Centre, Haarlem, which opened in 2017 and is still traveling through the Netherlands.